MLJ Adoptions Executive Director Adopts from DRC


For as long as I can remember I have wanted to adopt. In recent years, this desire tugged at my heart constantly. I wanted to be a mother and I wanted to adopt. I am sure many can relate. In my work, I had walked past thousands of orphans in desperate situations and knew that one day I would personally adopt.

For the past twelve years, I have researched and educated myself on the international adoption process. I had attended conferences and even taught many seminars to adoptive parents and adoption professionals and attorneys. While one personal adoption never gives you the entire spectrum of experience, it was amazing to feel the emotions, have the worry and not have “control” of the process. So despite my credentials, expertise and experience; I still could not control all entities and aspects of the international adoptions process. I felt the worry, I felt the concern, I felt the anxiety, but I also felt the excitement and the love.

I continue to learn that international adoption has unknowns, risks and delays. There are unsuccessful adoptions, delayed adoptions and difficult adoptions. However, I also continue to learn over and over again that it is Worth It!

I think that one aspect of my adoption that made it difficult was I continued to know and worry about the “worst case scenarios”. I had seen them, I had solved them, but how could I personally deal with them. But I too, had to relax, trust and pray.

Why DRCongo? I had always had this personal view of my child as being from Latin America. This picture and my heart changed as I walked through the orphanages in Congo. My heart was changed forever and thus the picture of my family. Although, I would like to adopt from a lot of countries, I walked away thinking, why wouldn’t I adopt from this country.

Orphans that are given families are given hope, family and love. Sharing this with a child is worth all the amount of worry, concern and anxiety. I have found in one day with my boys that they are my true blessing. I am the lucky one.

Welcome home and into our hearts Kingston and Thaxton!

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