MLJ Adoptions International Urges You to Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month


From September 15th to October 15th each year, we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. This celebration began in 1968 so America could recognize the many contributions, diverse cultures and amazing histories of the countries from which many of our American Citizen’s ancestors immigrated. Although this started as a weekly celebration in 1968, it was extended to a month-long celebration in 1988 by then President Ronald Regan.

MLJ has been fortunate to help facilitate adoptions from Mexico and Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras). We have also worked with Peru in the past. 

Most populations in the United States have increased in ethnic and racial diversity over the past 10 years. The Hispanic population has seen the largest demographic increase during this time, up 2.5%. According to the Pew Research Center, once-third of American children and youth will be Latino, U.S. born people, rather than immigrants, in 2035.

There are many ways to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, not only to recognize the accomplishments of this population, but to demonstrate to your child the importance, relevance, and honor that the Hispanic culture brings to our country. Here are some ideas:

  • Take your child to a Hispanic celebration or special event in your city honoring this great culture.
  • Encourage your child’s teachers to incorporate Hispanic culture into their curriculum.
  • Take your child to the local library to learn about Hispanic history and leaders in science, music, civics, arts, and sports.
  • Openly discuss and celebrate Hispanic holidays and culture in your home especially as it relates to your child’s culture.
  • Prepare a traditional meal with your child from your child’s country of origin.
  • Always find ways to make positive comments to your child about his or her country of origin.
  • Find ways to increase their cultural awareness, including possible language lessons or dance.
  • Include Hispanic families in your normal day-to-day routine to assure your child has mentors with whom she or he can culturally identify.
  • Celebrate by having a family movie night to watch a film which highlights the positives in Hispanic culture, such as Disney’s COCO (2017).

MLJ Adoptions International is proud to partner with these countries to provide loving adoptive homes in the U.S. for Hispanic orphans. If you are interested in pursuing an adoption in Mexico, please contact us at or at (317) 875-0058.

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Karlene Edgemon works as MLJ Adoptions’ Director of Social Services. Throughout her 25 year social services career, Karlene has been able to watch adoption transform the lives of children and she is always brainstorming new ways to support adoptive families before, during and after their adoption.