MLJ Adoptions Provides Many Avenues of Communication to Clients


The staff of MLJ Adoptions continually communicate key information with our Adoptive Parents through e-mails, tweets, posts on facebook, blogs, and through our Client Care Database to keep our clients informed about their adoption journey. While MLJ is responsible for providing these means of communication, it is the responsibility of all Adoptive Parents to take advantage of these communication resources, by reading, interacting, and responding to those communications.

MLJ Adoptions provides the following resources for communication to our families:

  1. Initial International Adoption Seminar (2 hour discussion about the basic information, the process, risk, and proper expectations)
  2. Initial Adoption Information Document
  3. Affording Adoption Seminar (2 hour class on options in financing and affording your adoption)
  4. Affording Adoption Document (provides websites, books, foundations, grants, loan resources)
  5. Initial Consultations with MLJ Team Members (opportunity for more detailed information)
  6. MLJ Adoption Service Agreement (provides plethora of information about payments, risks, expectations and responsibilities)
  7. Adoption Fees Document (provides information about the payments and expenses in the process)
  8. Home Study Instructions and Information Documents
  9. Home Study Process (interview and visit with case worker)
  10. Client Care Data Base (entire website specific to your adoption and your milestones that provides reminders, documents, contact information, calendars and information for you while in the process). The Data Base should be consulted often for new information and reminders!
  11. Education Classes (10-20 hours of education classes with MLJ educators, approximately 2-3 classes are offered each month)
  12. Classes give families an opportunity to learn and ask questions so that you are well prepared for the adoption process, wait, and placement.
  13. MLJ Forum (secure place on the internet for adoptive families and MLJ team to discuss the process, ask questions and connect on a daily basis)
  14. Blog Articles (posts at that provides information about the adoption experience and process)
  15. Newsletter (monthly communication about all programs, new information and announcement)
  16. Email blasts (monthly communications typically specific to your adoption program about up-dated information about the process and country changes and notices)
  17. Events (MLJ hosts or sponsors an event approximately every other month for adoptive parents to attend, socialize, have fellowship and connect with other families and MLJ staff)
  18. Personalized Attention (every adoptive family has a program director that provides you personalized attention throughout your adoption) While this may not constitute daily or even weekly personalized contact during your entire 1-2 year process, this person is available to you for personalized communication and support!
  19. Evaluations and Questionnaires (throughout the process you are given questions-after review of initial documents/Service Agreement and all classes so that we can obtain you feedback)

MLJ also plans for three-six educational videos to be available to families and a mentor program in the near future!

MLJ encourages questions and gives many opportunities to ask questions. However, there have been specific situations in which an adoptive parent may have crossed boundaries or asked the same question multiple times. It is important to remember that your program directors want to give you as much information as they can obtain. However, often information is not available or is incorrect and the directors wish to protect you from misinformation during the process. If you have asked the same questions multiple times, and did not read the information provided to you which may answer many questions, your program director may remind you that the additional work answering your question several times inhibits them from processing your and others adoptions. This is not to discourage questions but is the truth and an appropriate boundary.

MLJ Adoptions does request that while you are participating in the adoption process you do not use social media, blogs or any mass internet dissemination of information about your child or your process. Once you have completed your adoption, you may comment, blog, message etc. regarding your process and your agency. During the process you may participate by reading social media but not by authoring comments, twitters, messages or blogs. This is for the protection of the both the process and your child. After your adoption, it is your choice as to the effects of your social media use, your child’s privacy issues, and the general promotion of adoption.

MLJ Adoptions feels that social media is a resource for education and outreach for finding families for orphaned children. Therefore we provide a safe forum and the option to comment on our blogs. This is a protected means for you to be involved in social media while you are in the adoption process.

If you have any questions about the means of communication MLJ offers or our policy regarding social media feel free to contact our offices at any time.

MLJ Adoptions is a Non-Profit, Hague-Accredited adoption service provider located in Indianapolis, Indiana, working in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Isles. We are passionate about serving children in need.