MLJ Adoptions’ Ukraine Hosting Program Makes a Difference


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Today we are happy to welcome a guest post from Annie, a teenager thriving in her adoptive home. She’d love to help other children experience the joy of a loving home this holiday season. MLJ Adoptions still has several openings for our Winter Hosting Program.

Dear Advocates for Children in Need,

To put this letter in to context, please allow me to share my story with you. I have lived in the United States for nine years. One year before I was adopted, I had the opportunity to visit America and have a hosting family for the two weeks that I was here. Before I came over I did not know any English. My mom found a book that was titled “A Thousand Words in Russian” it had pictures in it and that was the only way we could communicate.  It was frustrating not knowing any English, because every time my parents introduced me to new people I could not understand what they were talking about. I remember one day when I was visiting, my parents took me to an American church. I have never heard so many people rock out for God the way Kingsway Christian Church did!

For the two weeks I was here, I had the greatest opportunity any kid in Ukraine could have. I was able to let loose, have fun and most importantly able to spend time with a family who adored me as if I was their own child. It was hard to leave this beautiful country without knowing if I would ever have a family, but I knew those two weeks changed my life. Those two weeks gave me hope that there might be someone who could love me and would one day take me in and give me a future.

I have been researching in school on the topic of “What ought I do”. As I have been researching, I have also been thinking about my life. I have been thinking of what God wants to do with me. He has brought me out of homelessness, he has brought me out of every type of abuse possible, and most of all he has gave me a family who cares and loves me more than my biological parent ever did. With this letter and other donations and fundraisers I would like to raise $25,000 for the Ukraine Hosting Program, so that other children could have a changed life and also one day have a family who loves them and wants to give them a future of education and love. Without that opportunity I would have never had someone who loved me, someone to take care of me. I would have been on the streets or worst of all sold into prostitution. I am afraid that most girls who never get their forever homes gets sold and most boys are prisoners and drug addicts. I hope that you would help me achieve my goal and change the life’s of young children like others changed for me.

For more information on hosting a child this holiday season, please contact Lydia.

To donate to Help for Hosting, click here.


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