Momma's Wanted


Originally posted at Passionate Pursuit

Yup. He can be a momma’s boy. He can rough and tumble in the yard, pretend to race motorcycles, climb a tree, spit in the grass, plow his tractors through the dirt, but when it’s all said and done…he wants to know where his momma’s at.

There’s comfort in a hug, a smile, a look, that says, "you’re OK kid." There’s healing in taking the time to be around with his trucks and cars under my feet, to listen to his silly jokes that makes no sense, to watch him ride his bike for the millionth time – even when there are a million and one things to do.

There’s love that is spoken when you get to have a cupcake even if you didn’t eat every last bite of your green beans, you have to write thank you notes for birthday and Christmas gifts, when your mom makes you brush your teeth without washing off all the toothpaste first, when you always get tucked in at night with snuggles and hugs.

There’s the Gospel message being lived out in every family that is willing to take one child, saying, "yes" to James 1:27…not desiring comfort and what is easy, but rather willing to do what is often hard and exhausting. Choosing to love the forgotten and broken often grows a radical faith…because you often have to run to Jesus because it can get so hard.

There’s tremendous, countless blessings in taking a child, who knew no momma and giving him one that will be there when he comes in all dirty and sweaty from playing outside. He isn’t asking for a perfect momma and that’s a good thing because I’m not and there is no such thing. He just wants and needs to know that when he needs her he can find her.

Is there a boy or girl somewhere in the world looking for a momma and YOU happen to be the one they are looking for?

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