Mother's Day while Waiting for Adoption


Today’s guest blogger is Diane Brooks, an Indianapolis area realtor who also maintains her own blog. MLJ Adoptions, Inc is happy to have Diane as a twitter friend.

Our dossier was finally complete; the proper documents were authenticated, and our fingerprints were taken. China had logged in our dossier in February. It was a few days before Mother’s Day, and I knew our daughter was waiting. I wanted to recognise that fact by celebrating Mother’s Day too. We had not been matched with one another, but in my heart of hearts I knew I was a Mom. That special relationship needed to be applauded even though my daughter was far away–and not yet in my arms.

Fast forward a few short months, and the call finally came. Were we still open to becoming parents to twins? With shaking knees, I called my husband. The answer was immediately "yes!" We were blessed to be matched with beautiful twin girls from the Hunan province. They are the joy and the light of our lives.

This year as Mother’s Day rolls around, I will reach out to another Mom-to-be who is waiting for that special child to fill a hole in her life. I will honor her and her desire to change the life of a child. Join me.

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