Movie Review: Drop Box


Drop_Box_Official_ImageIf you have been to the movies recently you may have seen a preview for a film called The Drop Box. If you were anything like me the name was captivating and I wanted to know more about this film. As I watched the trailer my heart strings were instantly tugged and I knew that this was going to be a must see film. This film is opening the eyes of those everywhere to a small area of need in the orphan care picture. The film can be seen in a special encore showing event on March 16th in cinemas nationwide. Tickets can be purchased here.

This film tells a story based in South Korea about Pastor Lee and his efforts to love and give a second chance to some of the most vulnerable members of society. Pastor Lee shares his heart for orphans and the mothers in South Korea. In a society that shuns disabilities and young girls who are pregnant, there is an earth shattering shame to one’s self and their loved ones. This movie shows babies being left in the trash, in the cold rain, and even a baby trying to be saved from bathroom pipes. Pastor Lee knew that he had to do something to keep these babies out of the cold, and that’s when he created the baby box on the side of his church building to save lives.

Let me paint a visual picture for you about the baby box, so that you may better understand how it works. When you go to the post office you put your letter in a big metal box by pulling down on the handle and dropping your letter in. After, you have released the letter it’s gone and you cannot get it back. Pastor Lee created a box that is 52 inches long, the average length of an infant. This box has a heat lamp and locks from the inside as soon as a child is placed in, a doorbell rings and Pastor Lee comes running down the stairs. Pastor Lee picks up the child and thanks the Lord that another precious life has been saved. As a result of this baby box, Pastor Lee and his wife have adopted over twenty children.

Now do not be fooled because not everyone in South Korea likes the idea of the baby box. In the movie many news reports feared that this box will encourage people to abandon their children at any age. They also worry that women will not be held accountable for their actions. In South Korea when you have a baby, you have to register your child with your citizenship number. Women fear that when they give this number that they will be shunned forever. If they are placing their child for adoption they also have to give that number and will be shunned forever, even though they may have the babies’ best interest at heart. The baby box not only gives the child another chance, but it also gives the mother another chance.

This movie was a perfect advocacy opportunity for a proposed new law in Indiana, Safe Haven Baby Boxes. All 50 states have a Safe Haven law or the Baby Moses Law that states safe drop offs for mothers who cannot take care of their children. However, Safe Haven Baby Boxes wants to take it a step further in Indiana. December 28, 2014 there was a child found in the woods near Eagle Creek Park. Amelia Grace Hope gave the Safe Haven Baby Box a face, one that will hopefully help legislators understand the place where Safe Haven Baby Boxes, President Monica Kelsey comes from. Monica states that Indiana has had the Safe Haven Law for 15 years, and still 33 children have been found abandoned. Monica states that the box will have a flip-down door and once the door is opened a 911 call goes out, there is a weight inside of the box that triggers a second 911 call and there will also be a button that will trigger a silent alarm that the mother can push. Once the mother closes the door it cannot be opened by any except police, firefighters, or paramedics. The idea is that emergency personnel will be able to reach the child within five minutes.

The idea of Safe Haven Baby Boxes has been passed in the House and is moving on to the Senate, the bill is HB 1016. Saving the life of a child is important so they have the opportunity to be a part of a forever family. Also, those who are looking to expand their family through adoption have the chance of giving these children a forever family.

Brittany Smith works as a full-time Home Study Assistant with MLJ Adoptions. Adoption and orphan care became a passion for her on a mission trip to China with Show Hope, an adoption and orphan care advocacy organization.