Need Funds for your Adoption? What about an Auction?


An auction uses competitive bidding process to reach the highest price for the sale of a good. Many non-profits and charities use auctions to raise monies for their worthy causes. Adoptive parents can also use this method to raise money for their international adoptions. Whether you are adopting from Haiti or Ukraine, your adoption services cost money and often you must raise those funds. Here are some ideas/tips in using an auction to raise money for your adoption.

  • Live Auction is when an auctioneer verbally calls the competitive bids. This is exciting and entertaining. For a charity like event, use your best and most desirable items for the live auction and limit your number to 15 items.

  • Silent Auction is when you place bid sheets with items and individuals bid on the sheets or using their phones. Phone bidding services are convenient but beware, they are also expensive so it may decrease your overall fundraising. Your silent auction information/sheets should include a description of the item, minimum bid and bid increments. Designate a time for the silent auction to end.

  • Internet Auctions are auctions on the internet which are processed by an internet auction company. These are convenient but also can be expensive. You can also place individual items on Ebay to help raise money for your adoption if you don’t want it to be an auction event.

  • Create an Auction Committee of friends that will help you with the event (hopefully some have past experience).

  • Incorporate other fundraising methods in your auction: Sell dinner tickets, raffle prizes (be sure your state’s laws do not prohibit), game tickets, sell baked goods or other products and donation envelopes/bidding.

  • Be sure to advertise, give clear instructions, have a registration process and check-out/payment process.

Be creative: If you are adopting from Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC) be sure to have African art for sale or bid. If you are adopting from Samoa incorporate island theme and decor in your event. If you are adopting from Bulgaria, provide information about Bulgaria and pictures throughout your venue. If you are adopting from Nicaragua, have a Latin American meal for dinner with the auction. This article is just a glimpse at the process and these events are a lot of work but are also a lot of fun! Best of luck to you!

Photo used with permission.

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