Older Adoptive Parents


The adoptive parent appears to be an ever-expanding demographic. Today’s adoptive parents may be single, a homosexual couple, or a different race from their adoptive child. More older adults are also considering adoption recently. According to AARP, adults in their 50’s and older are increasingly pursuing adoption. MLJ Adoptions offers international adoption programs that are open to older adults. Bulgaria and the Democratic Republic of Congo have no maximum age restriction for adoptive parents and Samoa accepts parents up to 55 years of age.

So, what does an older adult have to offer a child? First of all, the benefit of years of life experience. Older adults have just had more experience with life in general and with relationships specifically; this may or may not include having already experienced parenting children. Additionally, older adults may no longer be employed and have more time to devote to parenting. Older adults may also be more inclined to adopt older children that younger adults may not consider.

Despite these advantages, there are potential challenges to adopting and raising children during one’s “golden years.” They may not have the energy or stamina to “keep up” with children, particularly younger children. Moreover, their children may be teased by other children regarding the age of their parents. Most disconcerting, is the increased possibility of the parent dying while the child is still dependent upon them thus exposing them to yet another loss.

Regardless of where you stand on this issue, one fact remains; there are many children in the world who need loving adoptive parents – parents who are becoming as diversified as the children who need them.

Photo Credit: Todd Jordan

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