GO for Adoption Grants

Camie Schuiteman, Family Resources Specialist for MLJ Adoptions, International Adoptive families, prepared to be encouraged! This is a great time to pursue adoption! There are many grant options available to you. The potential list of grant-giving foundations is the longest I have seen in twelve years. That is good news for those needing funding. There ...

Ukraine Program Review: 2018

If adoption is the best choice for your family and you are considering opening your home to a child or a sibling group, 5 years or older or a child with medical or special needs, then Ukraine might be a good fit for your family!   To help you gain a better understanding of adoption from ...

Adoption Service Plans

For many families just beginning their international adoption journey, prospective adoptive families feel they are entering a complex world of paper shuffling and processes and procedures they just do not understand and may find extraordinarily confusing.  While your adoption service provider (your adoption agency) is there to assist you and to help you navigate this ...

Meet Mandy!

                Hello! My name is Mandy Mellen and I’m the staff accountant for MLJ Adoptions International. I’ve been in my position since April of this year. As the accountant, I get to interact with all aspects of the adoption process; prospective adoptive parents, lawyers in our partner countries, and of course my co-workers. I’m wife ...

Why Adopt from Ukraine?

Why to Adopt from Ukraine? Adoption is always about children, about sharing love, caring for them and providing a forever family for them. Why should you consider adoption from Ukraine? There are several reasons to consider adopting a child in need from Ukraine. In Ukraine orphaned children usually reside in state orphanages. Foster families started ...

Celebrating Father’s Day: Our Country Programs

At MLJ Adoptions, we recognize the importance of families and would like to give a special thank you to all our fathers, adopting fathers to be and adoptive fathers. To honor our fathers on this day, we would like to recognize some of our countries and how they celebrate Father’s Day. Mexico: In Mexico, Father’s ...

National Doughnut Day: Adoption Fundraiser

This year on June 7th is National Doughnut Day! Now, I know what you’re thinking… how are doughnuts related to adoption? Well, in the small town of Warsaw, Indiana with a population of about 15,000, on this day there is a fundraising event for prospective adoptive families to assist them in fundraising needed funds for ...

The 3 T’s of Trauma

Camie Schuiteman, Family Resources Specialist for MLJ Adoptions, International  “The nature of trauma is that its effects far outlast the event that caused it,” says the author of Suffering and the Heart of God. Trauma: we live with it. Our children live with it. Adoptive families are impacted by it. Of course, we hope that ...

Lindsay Price Adoption Advocate

There are so many adoption advocates out there speaking on behalf of children in need throughout the world. Some of those advocates are everyday people and some are celebrities that have their own platforms that allow their voices to be heard.  One such celebrity advocate who has been touched by adoption is, Lindsay Price. Lindsay ...

Autism Advocacy: Fight the Good Fight for Them!

In March 2017 my husband, daughter and I welcomed our son/brother into our family through international adoption. Anthony and I were beyond grateful for Nightlight Christian Adoptions, our home study agency and our adoption agency, MLJ Adoptions International Inc. requiring so much education prior to traveling that gave us the tools to begin the attachment ...

Photo of the Week!

So much fun with the dinosaurs! The little girl in the middle has been home from Samoa for a little over 3 years now! If you would like your child featured as our Photo of the Week, email

About my Trip to Mexico City

About a month ago, I was given the incredible opportunity to visit Mexico City, Mexico as a staff member and representing MLJ Adoptions. Having traveled to Mexico before for pleasure, I thought I would know what to expect. However, I was unaware of how biased my approach was. Having only traveled to Cozumel prior to ...
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