Estate Planning and Your Adopted Child

No one wants to think about bad things happening to their family. But, bad things do happen to good people and it is every parent’s responsibility to plan accordingly. A well thought out estate plan should be in every parent’s toolkit, but there are special considerations for the adoptive parent. Who will take care of ...

Basic Behavior Management for Adopted Parents

Many parents experience behavioral issues with their children whether they are adopted or biological. Here are some helpful hints for parents interested in resolving particular behavioral issues. Work on only two or three targeted behaviors at a time– Pick a couple of issues that are workable and try to make some headway on those-sometimes you ...

DRCongo: Zongo Falls Part 2

Read Part 1 of this story The attraction of the Falls is not necessarily the height but the sheer force of the water plunging over the cliff. The force of the water is quite impressive and when standing on the brink, either extraordinarily exciting or, as in my case, the source of extreme anxiety. This ...

DRCongo: Zongo Falls Part 1

One important aspect of adopting a child from another country is to be well educated on the land and culture of their heritage. This will help you better answer questions your child will ask as they grow up. To help our clients better understand the country from which they are adopting, staff members visit important ...

Meet MLJ: Sheri Molnar

Name: Sheri Molnar Title at MLJ: Accounting Manager What do you actually DO with MLJ: Send invoices, receive payments, pay bills, analyze financial numbers, spot trends. What is your favorite part about what you do with MLJ: I love Excel spreadsheets! Numbers can tell great stories. What is the hardest part about what you do: ...

New Adoption Program Possibility in the South Pacific

Recently, I visited a tiny island nation in the South Pacific in search of a new international adoption program. The island is breathtakingly beautiful; it has been a travel destination for honeymooners and was even featured in Conde Nast Traveler magazine. The island fell victim to a tsunami a year prior to my visit and, ...

Empowered To Connect Conference Recommended

Last September, I had the privilege of attending the Empowered to Connect Conference in Nashville, TN. The conference was full of insights and “ah-ha” moments. Although my daughter had been home for over a year, I had many eye opening moments listening to Dr. Karyn Purvis speak. Dr. Purvis truly understands children who have come ...

Jillian Michaels Actively Waiting After Sending Dossier To Congo

On May 11, 2011, posted this article regarding Jillian Michaels’s adoption in process from Democratic Republic of Congo. I love reading other people’s adoption stories and there’s always a little added interest when a celebrity adopts. While reading this article, I was struck by one of the comments Michaels made, “I’m terrified that [the ...

Meet MLJ: Judy M. Miller

Name: Judy Miller Title at MLJ: Adoption Education Coordinator and Support Specialist What do you actually DO with MLJ: Coordinate and teach adoption education to parents who live more than two hours from Indianapolis; teach all of the Transracial Parenting classes; provide education, guidance and support to help enhance a family’s awareness and understanding of ...

The Forgotten Children

Four years ago when I heard the term Special Needs, my reaction was, “that is for someone else, I could not handle that.” Three years ago our family’s world was rocked when we adopted our little “Guatemalan princess”. When we set out on the adoption journey, we signed up for a “healthy female two years ...

Angelina Jolie Talks Openly About Adoption

Yes, I am a closet celebrity news junkie. TMZ, Insider –you name it, I will read it. This morning I was perusing one of my favorite celebrity websites – People magazine – when I came across an article on Angelina Jolie. She is certainly one of the most prominent international adoptive parents and has created ...

Adoption as an Adventure

Making that decision to adopt can be relatively easy, but certainly none of the rest of what follows could be described that way. For whatever personal reasons they have for the choice, parents commit to the decision and off the adoption road they go. They willingly fling themselves into a whirlwind of home studies and ...

Honoring Mothers

With Mother’s Day approaching I have, of course, been thinking about being a mom more than the usual—beyond myusual caretaking responsibilities, domestic diva-ing, taxi schedule, and work. I’ve thought about how privileged I am to be a mom, how sacred my role is. Perhaps, because motherhood came later for me it has been that much ...

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo was first celebrated in Texas in 1867 as a source of cultural pride. The roots of Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for “the fifth of May”) trace back to a fascinating history , the French Occupation of Mexico, and tie to the preservation of independence of … America. Yep. Cinco de Mayo commemorates ...

What Are Mongolian Spots?

I didn’t see them until the next morning. The evening before had been wrought with a flurry of quiet hurried activity and profound emotion. The 2 a.m. changing of wet clothes into soft new and recently laundered-in-Dreft pajamas yielded nothing; I couldn’t see much in the moonlight that pooled on the floor of our hotel ...

Orphans in the News!

Sunday’s Indianapolis Star featured an article that can remind us just the difference that one person and a little passion can make in the lives of orphans. Indianapolis resident, Cynthia Prime has founded Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach (SOHO) in her quest to inspire Indiana to reach out to communities 8800 miles away in ...

Meet MLJ: Stacy Jacobs

Name: Stacy Jacobs Title at MLJ: Administrative Assistant What do you actually DO with MLJ: I do typical office work. I answer the phone, file many types of paperwork, sort the mail, make copies, and anything else that a director might need help doing. What is your favorite part about what you do with MLJ: ...

Honeymooning: Not Just For Newlyweds

So you have had that six year old in your home for a week and he is perfect. Before adoption, the agency education classes warned you of the issues and behaviors symptomatic of the grief and trauma that adopted children may have suffered prior to adoption. But that is not the case with your little ...

Rewards of My Visit to Nicaragua

Hi MLJ blog readers. My name is Tyler Northcutt, and my wife and I are adopting from Nicaragua. So, we just got back from a week long trip to Nicaragua, where we spent time in Managua [the capitol city] and surrounding areas. This is especially exciting for us due to the fact that we are ...

My Congo Experience As An Escort

I recently returned from a fabulous trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country is different than any place I have ever experienced. Having been to Vietnam twice to complete my adoption, I assumed I would experience similar sites. Of course, being two different continents and two very different cultures, I was wrong. I ...
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