We Will Run for Congolese Women Again

It’s not easy running a marathon. It’s doubly not easy when you are not a runner. It’s even harder when you’re pushing a stroller in the cold at 10am. But we did it. My husband and I jogged (and walked slowly at times) the entire 5K course in Chicago on October 2nd in Lincoln Park. ...

What it Means to Have a Family

What it means to have a family is that you always have somebody by your side when you’re falling down. It means that you are loved every day no matter what. Having a family gives you a chance where you can be taken care of and fed. You need to remember to appreciate what they ...

"I Love My Daddy" Book Review

"I Love My Daddy" is written and illustrated by Sebastian Braun. This book, appropriate for children ages birth to 5, consists of single sentences per page with large and colorful illustrations. The pictures show daddy and baby as a brown bear and a cub. The pages go through different things that a daddy can do ...

What a Family Means

What it means to have a family is to have people that love you and surround you with love, care, and support. They comfort you when you need it. A mom is someone that kisses your booboos, a dad plays outside with you, brothers and sisters tease you, those are the people are most important ...

"The Other Side" Book Review

I picked up "The Other Side" from the opening of the Ruby Bridges exhibit at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. It is written by Jacqueline Woodson with beautiful watercolor illustrations by E.B. Lewis. The story is about two little girls named Clover and Annie – one child black and the other white. Clover and Annie are ...

What to Expect When You're Expecting an Older Child

When two people get married, they tend to bring past baggage into that marriage. In all the excitement of planning the wedding, some baggage may have been overlooked. But after the wedding flowers are wilted, reality set in. While this can complicate some marriages, most couples learn to deal with their partner’s baggage; they learn ...

A Gathering Based on LOVE

On Saturday, September 18th my husband, two kids, and I had the privilege to attend the MLJ Adoptions annual picnic, and I don’t think there was a better way to spend such a beautiful day. I will admit that I did not know quite what to expect when we decided to attend the picnic. I’ve ...

The Power of Nurturing Touch

At 3:00AM this morning I heard my two year old daughter whimpering in her sleep and I knew a cry would follow shortly. I quietly stepped into her room and placed my hand on her back. She relaxed and drifted back to a peaceful sleep. Amazing what a simple touch can do. Children who have ...

Life on the Congo River: NPR feature

Last week, NPR Morning Edition featured a 5-part series on the Congo River. The series starts at Kisangani (Stanleyville), the beginning of the navigable portion of the river, and continues to Kinshasa, the Capital of The Democratic Republic of Congo. According to Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, the main narrator for the story, the 3,000 mile long river ...

Parenting Transracially

Do or will you parent transracially? One of the most challenging things to do as a parent of transracially adopted children is to help them see themselves for who they are, as well as, understand how others perceive them and will treat them because of their own biases and prejudices. Especially if you’re a white ...

Having a Family

God created my family and I am so glad that I have them. My dad, my mom, my brothers and my sisters all care for each other, because that is what a family does for each other. I am proud of my family because they help me through everything – friends, homework, and a lot ...

The Most Vulnerable Orphans

I love my job… and I especially love working with the children! It is such an incredible feeling to see children coming home to loving families. Even more wonderful is when I have the opportunity to witness the changes in the lives of the children – how they blossom with the love, security and opportunities ...

You're Invited to the 2010 Adoption Picnic

We hope you can join us for our third annual MLJ Adoption Picnic! The picnic is a great opportunity for adoptive parents to meet others who have adopted and share stories, support, food, and fun. It is an opportunity for your children to meet other kids who may have a similar experience. For prospective adoptive ...
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