SBC Passes Resolution on Adoption and Orphan Care

During their annual convention held this year in Louisville, Kentucky on June 23rd & 24th, the largest Protestant denominational group, the Southern Baptists, passed a resolution proposed by Dr. Russell Moore on adoption and orphan care. This is a landmark step for Christians worldwide and one step closer to recognizing the orphan crisis and providing ...

Why You Should Use an Agency for Your Adoption

Many parents considering adoption, consider “going it alone” with the thought that money could be saved navigating the foreign adoption process themselves. Many horror stories of these brave individuals have resulted. The following is a brief summary of how using an adoption agency such as “MLJ”, can save the prospective adoptive parent worry, time and ...

Why Re-Adopt?

Re-adoption is the process by which an international adoption is reviewed and processed by a court in your state of residence, issuing a final adoption order. This process is a requirement in the case of a child who enters the US on an IR-4 visa. Under USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) regulations, children who ...

Guatemala One Year After Hague

The following is a summary of the JCICS report titled: “Guatemala One Year Later”, published on February 4, 2009. To read the full report please visit: On January 1, 2008, Guatemala implemented the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption. This move was intended to answer the allegations of corruption, child trafficking and other unethical adoption ...

Father's Day Frosty's for Adoption

Have you made plans for Father’s Day yet? If your dad is like mine, he is going to love the idea of getting desert from Wendy’s. My father has a heart for children and says that most of his best friends are under 4 feet tall. He looks forward to his turn to work with ...

The Strength Adoption Attorneys Add to Our Agency

While there are many agencies who brand themselves as full service adoption agencies, most of them lack the legal expertise that an attorney can offer. Adoption is a process that in nature is both social and legal. Adoption enables children in need to be cared for in a loving home, by legally transferring all parental ...

Compassion : There are No Excuses (Part 2)

A continuation of Sonja’s discussion of compassion Many use the excuse that they cannot afford to adopt a child. In truth, there are many programs, grants, and loans available to adopting parents as well as the federal adoption tax credit. If there is a will there is a way. For most of us then, there ...

Mother's Day while Waiting for Adoption

Today’s guest blogger is Diane Brooks, an Indianapolis area realtor who also maintains her own blog. MLJ Adoptions, Inc is happy to have Diane as a twitter friend. Our dossier was finally complete; the proper documents were authenticated, and our fingerprints were taken. China had logged in our dossier in February. It was a few ...

"All Children Deserve a Home and a Loving Family"

When visiting St. Theresa’s Orphanage in Zagreb Croatia last year, I was introduced to a beautiful young lady, who I will call Nadija. At the time, Nadija was 18 years old, attending the university in Zagreb and living at St. Theresa’s . Although 18, she was allowed to live at the orphanage while she attended ...

Adoption News Not as Negative as Appears

Recently published research is being used to discourage support for adoption without full consideration of all factors involved. University of Minnesota researchers found a correlation between children adopted within the first two years of life and incidences of mental health diagnoses. The study included children that had been adopted domestically and internationally. The negative press ...

Second Annual Ukrainian Adoption Reunion

The second Annual Ukrainian Adoption Reunion will be held Sunday, March 1, hosted by MLJ Adoptions, Inc. and Lydia Tarr, Ukraine Program Director. The 2nd Annual Ukrainian Adoption Reunion will be held at Walnut Grove Chapel located at 91st and Allisonville Road in Indianapolis from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. This event is open to ...

Increased Tax Credit for Adoption Expenses

The adoption tax credit has increased to $12,150 for 2009! In layman’s terms this means that any money you spend completing an adoption up to this amount will be considered by the IRS to be paid toward taxes due. Eligible expenses include adoption fees, legal fees, court costs, and traveling expenses. Expenses for a failed ...
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