Parenting a Child with HIV

Read the first part of Stephanie’s story Considering Adopting a Child with HIV.

Well, no doors closed and we brought that sweet little boy home along with two other boys on April 14, 2010. He was on medicine in Ukraine and remains on those same medications but different dosage today. We have been to see the doctor at Riley Children’s Hospital four times since April. We are now on an every three month rotation. He takes three different medications each day. It has worked out with our insurance that we pay nothing for his medicine, nothing, no money for his medication. This has been a blessing from God to not have to pay for his medication. His viral load is undetectable and actually we had a recent string of the stomach flu in our house and he was one of three in our family of nine that was not affected. We have bought rubber gloves for every floor of our house to use when he hurts himself, we have explained to all our children how only mom and dad can care for him if he gets hurt. The doctor at Riley is doing an amazing job talking with him about his disease. He attends public school and is doing well. He is in very good health and runs and plays just like all the other children. We have no legal obligation to inform the school about his disease, and at this point, have not made it public knowledge. The only people we have to tell are medical professionals. We have had no problems with people knowing about his disease.

I know you maybe are a little worried or even scared about adopting a child that is HIV+ and believe me I understand. Please do not let fear keep you from helping a child that needs a family. There is not much extra care for him at this point. He requires a few more trips to the doctor’s office than the other children and must take medicine each day but other than that he is a very normal child. I invite any of you with doubts or questions to please contact me so we can discuss any of your concerns.

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