Parenting Transracially

Do or will you parent transracially? One of the most challenging things to do as a parent of transracially adopted children is to help them see themselves for who they are, as well as, understand how others perceive them and will treat them because of their own biases and prejudices. Especially if you’re a white parent.

Parenting children who have been adopted requires that parents step up their “game,” helping their kids confront and cope with possible loss, grief, rejection, control, and identity issues. Parenting transracially (roughly 73% of adoptive parents) is an additional “layer” of parenting. Parents have to step out of their comfort level because they are most likely functioning in an area here they have little to no life experience.

I hope you will join me on September 28th, from 6-8PM for the first offering of Parenting Transracially. We will discuss how you can prepare for your child’s burgeoning identity and help them in the process, especially when you don’t “match” with your child? This class will cover ideas and strategies and provide a list of resources for doing a good job as a transracial parent. Find out more and sign up through the Client Care Database or by calling MLJ. This class is open to both clients and the community for $50 per family. MLJ clients will receive two elective credit hours for their participation.

Judy Miller is an adoptive parent and adoption educator and coach living in the Midwest with her husband and four children. She works with MLJ clients as a long distance education coordinator.

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