Playing Inside To Beat The Heat


Across the nation temperatures have hit extraordinary highs. It’s been so hot that venturing outside for even a few minutes leaves you drenched in sweat, and swimming pools have been transformed into hot tubs. It’s miserably hot days like the ones we have been having that remind me of similar summers at home with my mom. My mother, an elementary school teacher, took those too hot summer days that should have been awful and boring, and made them memorable and fun. So in hopes that you can create some memorable, inside, summer moments with your children, I will share my top five inside activities.

  • Indoor Picnics: A picnic inside was always my favorite activity. My sister and I would plan out the meal while my mom would write the words out for us to see on a big piece of paper. Then we would work together to create the items on our menu! PB&J was always our favorite, but if you and your kids are feeling a little more adventurous why not try making some foods that your child may have eaten in their birth country! After the food was ready we would spread out a sheet in our living room and serve our picnic lunch.

  • Build a Fort: Building a fort inside was always the highlight of a day. Creating your very own clubhouse is something that kids of almost all ages can participate in. We would use sheets and pillows and drape them all over our living room. My mom would fill our fort with books and toys for us to read and play with together. Everything seems that much more exciting when it’s happening in your very own fort!

  • Science Experiments: Every summer my mom would buy a book full of science activities for us to do together. It was always fun things that got us interested in the world of science. Our favorites were always the one that dealt with planting. A simple activity was planting a bean seed and watching it grow! It was easy, messy, and fun! Great for kids of all ages as long as a parent can help! If science is not your family’s thing, there are tons of activity books out there that focus on things like art, history, or even math!

  • Get Moving Indoors: Growing up we were lucky enough to have an unfinished basement that my mom let double as an indoor roller-skating rink. It was important for us to do some sort of activity that let us get some of our energy out. It does not have to be roller-skating; it could be dancing or an indoor relay race using items you find around the house! Any way that kids have a chance to move, despite not being able to be outside is important for your sanity and your kids!

  • We also spent time each day of the summer getting out some of our creative energy too! One of our favorite creative activities was when our mom let us help make items to decorate our home. We painted mirrors, bulletin boards and pictures to go in our room growing up; it made our room feel even more special because we got to decide how it looked. Creative time could also be something as simple as buying new crayons and white paper and letting your kids go crazy for an hour or two!

It can stink when you are trapped inside, especially during those precious summer months. But if you have some simple household items and a lot of creativity those hot summer days can make some very special memories.

We want to know, how do you and your kids beat the heat in the summer?

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