Simple Changes Make Affording Adoption Possible


saving money adoptionWith some changes to your everyday life, you can change your spending habits and essentially “raise” thousands of dollars by saving money for your adoption.

Couponing: Do you clip coupons, or throw them away? Websites like Money Saving Mom and Coupon Mom will help you learn how to stack coupons in order to get many items you regularly use for free. It’s possible to never have to pay for personal care items like toothpaste or deodorant again, as well as many of the grocery items you spend money on each week! Check out the TV show Extreme Couponing on TLC for even more tips.

Pull the Plug: Turn off extra features on your cell phone plan, cable subscription, or insurance plan (auto and home). Check your bank statement or credit card bill and see what is being auto-billed to you, that you could cut back on. Gym membership not being used? Netflix subscription no longer worth the money? You’d be surprised how much money you can save with these simple switches.

Fuel Fixers: Plan your errands nearby your home, so you can walk or ride a bike. If you must drive, group trips together to save on fuel. Try carpooling or working from home if it’s an option. If you drive a gas guzzler, consider switching to a lower-cost vehicle that has better gas mileage. If you still have a car payment, consider downgrading your vehicle to a car that has a lower payment or no payment.

Eating In: Make eating at home a fun time by cooking themed meals with friends, and take turns hosting a pitch-in. If you spend money on coffee at the drive through, switch to home-brewed. Plan meals according to what you can get on sale that week, instead of what sounds good in the moment.

Forgift Me Not: Think about how much you currently spend on gifts for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Instead of buying gifts for your friends and family this year, make a conscious effort to give them a thoughtful gift like a CD mix of music, a scrapbook made with recycled papers, or a handwritten note.

Retail Reset: Instead of shopping for a new dress, swim goggles, or backpack, ask around to see if you can borrow or swap with a friend. If you are tempted by racks of new clothing, switch to thrift stores.

Entertain Me: Trade movie nights at the theater for $1-rental movies at home through sites like Redbox. Instead of taking a large summer vacation switch to a few shorter, weekend jaunts or go somewhere that you can stay with friends or family.

After you’ve done the hard work of pinching your pennies, here are some ideas for fundraisers you can use to finance your adoption!

  • Get friends together for a community garage sale and adoption fundraiser
  • Ask about employer-based adoption assistance
  • Host a ___ – a-thon (bike-a-thon, cook-a-thon, etc.)
  • Sell flower bulbs, candy, or candles
  • Hold a car wash in a prominent location in town
  • Recycle ink cartridges and old cell phones for cash
  • Collect donated books, CDs and DVDs and sell on Amazon or
  • Host a heritage dinner fundraiser (with foods from your adoptive child’s home country)
  • Collect recipes from friends and family and sell a fundraiser cookbook
  • Organize a raffle or silent auction with donated items from local businesses (car washes, gift certificates, and more)
  • Set up a “Baby Fund” at a tax-deductible donations site and ask for that instead of holiday or birthday gifts
  • Sell t-shirts with an adoption-themed slogan to rally friends while you earn support
  • Hold a bake sale or handmade/craft sale with your friends and contacts as vendors
  • Check into home shopping party fundraisers, like Pampered Chef
  • Set up a website to sell handmade artwork
  • Check into the possibility of adoption

It is most definitely possible to fund an adoption without digging too far into your retirement or putting yourself in too much debt. These are just a few different ideas, there are endless possibilities to start saving money for your adoption! MLJ Adoptions maintains a free Financial Resources Guide which includes information on grant organizations. fundraising ideas and other sources of funds for affording your adoption. You may request your copy by emailing us.

Photo Credit: S Jones