Sensory Processing


Grass: Oh, I love grass, it’s green, it’s lush, it feels nice under my bare feet. I enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass, it brings me back to playing in the sprinkler as a child!

OK, that’s MY interpretation of “grass”. Someone else might say, “Grass…ewe…it’s rough, and spiky, and I REALLY don’t like walking on it, oh, AND it’s messy…don’t even think about asking me to play in the yard with a sprinkler, grass will be sticking to my hands, my legs, between my toes…yuck.”

Touch. Smell. Sight. Sound. Those four “things” if you will, happen all around us, all the time, at varying degrees, ALL – THE – TIME. Each individual has a different acceptance of these sensations. All of us avoid, seek, or don’t even notice. That’s the basics of the neurologically complex reality of SENSORY PROCESSING.

Some individuals (adults and children) can experience a neurologic “traffic jam” in the processing of sensation resulting in having a hard time appropriately functioning in the basics of life. Some diagnoses directly related to sensory processing are ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Professional assistance from typically an Occupational Therapist is needed when there are processing difficulties.

It is VERY important to note, that not all children experience sensory processing disorder, however ALL children DO experience sensory processing. All people for that matter. WE ALL HAVE SENSORY PROCESSING NEEDS.

Awareness of ourselves, and our children’s varying needs can truly assist in development, ability to have fun, and ability to address needs quickly to cope with varying situations.

The “Sensory Play Techniques” session at the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference will be a fun learning atmosphere with hands on activities. Occupational Therapist Candice Thompson, MOTR will be sharing sensory processing information to provide a basic understanding of ALL of our sensory processing needs, especially children.

Children coming from “hard places” often times (not all the time) exhibit sensory processing difficulties to some degree. As a parent, it is important to be aware of sensory processing in its most basic form so early intervention can be implemented if needed and most importantly, productive play and fun can have a deeply rooted place within your bond together as a family.

Come and have fun at the Sensory Play Techniques session!

Photo Credit: Matteo Angelino

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