#Share4Adoption 2015



I came across a really cool picture on my friends Facebook page, my friend’s hand making half a heart connected to a Wendy’s cup with the other half of the heart. I kept on scrolling, like many of us do when on social media. Then this morning I was playing around on Pinterest and started to look at Adoption Foundations to see what kind of resources they offer. While on this search I came across the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and saw an image of the cup that I had seen in my friends’ picture.

Zach’s image at right is a part of the #Share4Adoption campaign. Post a picture of you completing the heart on the cup using #Share4Adoption and Wendy’s® will donate $5 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Each original picture posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will allow for a $5 donation up to $500,000 or the end date of the campaign September 30, 2015.

Thirsty for a Blackberry Lemonade or Iced Tea? Remember to take a picture and #Share4Adoption!


Anastasia Huffman the Administrative Assistant for for MLJ Adoptions. She and her husband are currently going through the process to become foster parents.