Somewhere Between: The Movie

Somewhere Between: What a perfect title for a movie that examines the complex topic of identity of the transracially-adopted child, a core issue which challenges several of my kiddos from time to time. Before sharing with you why I feel you should see it, let me state my biases: white adoptive parent of two Chinese daughters, and, in case you haven’t worked with me yet, adoption educator and support specialist for MLJ Adoptions.

Somewhere Between is deeply moving, and spot-on. The documentary follows four wise-beyond-their-years teens (13-15 years of age, the same ages as my daughters)—Haley, Jenna, Fang “Jenni”, and Ann—all born in China, and adopted by white parents. These active girls, who live throughout the U.S., unflinchingly share how they are dealing with sensitive personal and cultural issues arising out of their adoptions and race.

The girls are exceptionally articulate and candid, and this openness resonated with this mom. As Los Angeles Times movie critic, Kenneth Turan states, “You’d have to be a stone not to be moved.”

Identity is an issue for many of those who have been adopted, and far too large of a topic to tackle here in a blog post. Somewhere Between examines the issue and doesn’t provide any pat answers, but invites more questions and introspection about how you will support your children when they explore:

“Where do I fit?

“How do I fit?

“How do I straddle the chasm of ambiguity?”

Parents, regardless of where you have adopted or if you are adopting from Africa or you’re adopting from Ukraine, your child will likely be struggling with identity. I consider Somewhere Between a “must see” for any person who will adopt, has adopted, or knows someone who has been adopted.

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