Starting Your Adoption Journey


International adoption – a type of adoption in which an individual or couple becomes the legal and permanent parent(s) of a child who is a national of a different country.

MLJ Adoptions International is an international adoption agency that assists families before, during and after their adoption. As the Client Intake Specialist  at MLJ, I work with families during the before process. Prospective adoptive parent(s) can call into our office, email , or go to our website to fill out an interest form. Once your interest form is submitted, I receive your information to schedule a phone consultation or discuss your interest over email. I will ask a few questions in order to determine which country program would best fit you or discuss your certain interest in a country program. I cross my t’s making sure each prospective adoptive parent(s) has met each requirement enforced by the Department of State and the requirements of the country they are interested in adopting from, and lastly inform them of the children in need of families in each country. This is all part of stage one of your adoption journey.

Once we have had our initial phone consultation or have been speaking of the country programs through email, I will then send you more information about your specific program of interest. This additional information will include a country specific information sheet, fee sheet, Service Plan, our Adoption Services Agreement, initial information about international adoption and a list of YouTube videos that MLJ Adoptions has put together for you to review. This is a lot of information to digest in one sitting, so I usually suggest families to take their time reviewing and digesting the information.

After reviewing the material, you may have additional questions and we welcome your questions.  However, if you are ready  to move forward, I can assist you with filling out your adoption application. The adoption application will include identifying information, household members, contact information, personal information, financial information, child specific information and past adoption experience if applicable. Once you submit your application and application payment, it will be reviewed for approval and if approved you will receive an email that includes information for your next steps of the process. Then you will enter stage two of your adoption journey, which includes initial documentation to be filled out and returned along with your first agency payment in order to become an official client of MLJ Adoptions and officially begin your adoption journey! MLJ Adoptions understands the adoption process can be costly, in order to provide some assistance with navigating the financial burden of international adoption and possible relief, MLJ Adoptions employs a Financial Resource Advisor that can assist you with applying for grants, possible fundraising options and adoption loans. Camie Schuiteman, MLJ’s Financial Resource Advisor, adopted herself from Vietnam and Ukraine was able to raise $50,000 for her first adoption! So, anything is possible and Camie is eager to assist our adoptive families. Once the initial documentation has been returned this will move you into stage three which is the home study process. Unfortunately, this is where we depart, but I am always available during and after your adoption journey for any questions!

The adoption journey can be long and uncertain, but as an MLJ team member I can assist you in the beginning stages of your journey, answer any questions you may have and ensure that your adoption journey begins on the right path! For information about any of MLJ’s intercountry adoption programs please contact