Support, Advocate, Educate: The Adoption Tax Credit


This week may be an important week to many of us that have chosen adoption to build our family. Infertility may have been the beginning of your story, yet a domestic adoption or international adoption was the happy ending. For some, they are still in the emotional rollercoaster of infertility issues, some attempting assisted reproduction (IUI or IVF), while others are waiting for a pending adoption. Wherever you are in this story of building your family; if you have dealt with infertility you know that it is a difficult topic, it is an emotional topic and it is an extremely important topic.

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. The purpose of this week is to educate, support and advocate for families that are dealing with or have dealt with infertility. Part of the week will include advocacy on Capitol Hill for adoption benefits. This includes the extension of the Adoption Tax Credit. Currently HR184 and S82 have been proposed and both bills provide for an extension of the Federal Adoption Tax Credit. These efforts for advocacy do affect you and your family, if you are considering adoption. The Adoption Tax Credit has varied from $12,250 – $13,360 through the past few years. However, if there is not an extension, international adoptions completed in 2013 will receive no tax benefits!

MLJ Adoptions believes it is important to provide any and all forms of support for international adoptions which includes financial resource information. International Adoption includes expenses of professional fees, court fees, government fees and travel fees and all of which can be quite expensive. We believe that cost should not be a hindrance if you have a safe and loving home for an orphan. The Adoption Tax Credit may be an important part of your financial planning for an international adoption. Whether you are considering adopting from Ukraine or adopting from Africa, a financial plan is important and an adoption tax credit would be beneficial for most.

As we bring awareness to infertility, we also hope to bring resolution. International adoption may be the resolution and happy ending for your family. Awareness, support and advocacy for those dealing with infertility and advocating for their options (assisted reproduction and adoption) is imperative! Join MLJ Adoptions as we continue to provide education, support and advocacy for international adoption. For more information on how you can be involved, contact

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