Thankful For Adoptive Parents


I am beyond thankful this year, and every year, for our adoptive parents. I am fortunate to be constantly inspired by many adoptive parents; those that I have had the opportunity to meet during their adoption process and those I have the privilege to work alongside at MLJ. Adoptive parents are some of the most committed, hardworking, and passionate people I have ever encountered. I am thankful for their commitment to children in need of families, their work and perseverance to bring their children home, and their passionate advocacy for adoption and the children left behind.

Adoption is a lifelong commitment chosen by adoptive parents. This is a commitment to love and parent a child; a child that the parents often have never met before. This commitment is also to the adoption process itself, which can be a difficult one. This commitment is made knowing that the while worth it, the journey will be hard and parents will be tested. Parents remain committed even through extreme difficulties, like the loss of a referral. The strength of adoptive parents always amazes me. Parents will not only be tested before the child comes home, but they will undoubtedly be tested after the child is home as well. I have seen many parents tested on this journey, by any number bumps along that way that are beyond their control. In our education courses adoptive parenting is often referred to as advanced parenting. Commitment to their children and to continuing to learn and grow towards becoming better and better parents to children that have experienced trauma is truly inspiring.

Adoption is hard work for adoptive parents during the adoption process and thereafter. Parents never cease to amaze me in their sacrificial savings and fundraising efforts in order to bring their children home. There is a common misconception outside of the adoption community that if you adopt, you are financially well-off and that adoption is for the financially rich. This could not be further from the truth. Adoption is for those families that are committed to it and work incredibly hard to raise the necessary funds. From selling t-shirts, organizing auction fundraisers, putting on concerts and yard sales, to completing extensive grant applications – the hard work that goes in to raising the funds for adoption is incredible. This does not even take into consideration all of the work parents do to gather documents and complete paperwork. Parents take time from their jobs, their kids at home, and many other obligations to work hard to bring their children home.

Adoptive parents are passionate about bringing a child home and about helping the children left behind. Parents become great advocates for adoption, in sharing their story with others and supporting or mentoring other families that have chosen the same path to build their families. Even after a family brings their child home, they don’t rest just because they have completed the process. Often even more fire is ignited within them to help the kids that were not adopted. I am so thankful for this effect that adoption has on families.

While I am not an adoptive parent yet, I hope to join the ranks of these individuals one day and hope to complete this process with the grace and commitment that I have witnessed. Also, because I am not yet an adoptive parent, I am happy to brag about them, as they are often much too humble to do so themselves. Of course adoption is worth it, but that does not mean that the journey is not hard. I am thankful for families that have committed themselves to adoption, worked hard to bring children home, and passionately advocate for those children left behind. Thank you!

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