The Connection Between Genes and Heart Disease Over Lifestyle Choices


In previous years families could choose to live a healthier lifestyle to help fight off coronary heart disease. But now a recent study has shown a greater connection to genes and coronary heart disease, over unhealthy lifestyles. The study was done at the Center for Primary Health Care Research in Sweden. Professor Kristina Sundquist, studied individuals who had been adopted and developed coronary heart disease along with their biological parents and their adoptive parents.

The study focused on both men and women (80,214 participants), who had developed the disease. The biological parents and adoptive parents were studied during the same period of time as the focused participants.

The study resulted in finding adopted children who had at least one biological parent with coronary heart disease were 40-60% more likely to develop the disease than that of the control group. There however was no increase risk found in individuals whose adoptive parents developed coronary heart disease.

Despite your attempts to provide opportunities for physical exercise and proper nutrition, it can be frustrating to know that your child’s genetic history may impact his or her health in such a dramatic way. Adoptive parents can arm themselves with this information whether or not you know your child’s medical history. And when you do not know your child’s medical history, you and your doctor may need to be more aware of symptoms that can point to heart disease.

MLJ shares all known medical information about a referred child with parents, so that parents can be as prepared as possible. However, MLJ can never guarantee the completeness of accuracy of any medical information provided and requests that parents bring all medical information to an international medicine specialist in an effort to lessen the risk of inaccurate or incomplete medical information.

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