The Crossroads of America Adoption Conference in Tweets


The Crossroads of America Adoption Conference (CAAC12) this year was a huge success! We are so thankful to those who spent their Saturday with us to learn more about adoption.

Our attendees this year were awesome, they were not only great learners, but they were great participants and educators themselves. Many in attendance participated not only in-person in the educational sessions, but also on-line via Twitter! There were a lot of great tweets throughout the conference. Most tweets were educational and encouraging. Some others were just plain entertaining. Below are a few of our favorite tweets that were shared during CAAC12.

  • @JustShireen Loving seeing so many people passionate about #adoption and orphan care today at #CAAC12 – their enthusiasm is contagious!
  • @JulieGumm 3 most addictive foods: sugar, wheat, dairy. Light up the same part of our brain as cocaine. Nutrition behavior #caac12
  • @ChoosingChange Wow. Packed room for Fathers in #Adoption session at #CAAC12Such amazing dads with amazing hearts
  • @LaurenHacker Hearing @eskepades speak makes me want to be his friend! #CAAC12
  • @ihr_Indy Look beyond child’s behavior, be curious about what feeling or experience is driving that behavior, tune in & validate the feeling #CAAC12
  • @adoptmore Misconception at school: kids should not be tested before they learn English. False. They SHOULD be tested in their native language. #CAAC12
  • @davidkmercier "Amniotic fluid tastes like breast milk" #thingsididntthinkidlearntoday at #CAAC12
  • @ihr_Indy Benefits of secure attachment: trust in the world, emotional regulation, ability to handle stress, healthy relationships, morality #CAAC12
  • @adoptmore Heidi Weimer lived an adoption disruption and persevered. #Adoptionis difficult. But, it’s worth it. Fight for help, when needed. #CAAC12
  • @ihr_Indy Having a cohesive life narrative is a sign of secure attachment and healed trauma. Can u tell your life story easily? #CAAC12

Sheri’s tweet at the end of the day really summed up CAAC12 for our team:

  • @SheriMolnar Wow, I’m tired. My feet are killing me. But, oh so thrilled to work for@MLJAdoptions with a great team & for such a great purpose! #CAAC12

The Crossroads of America Adoption Conference was a lot of work for our staff, though we hope we made it look easy! The work was well worth it and so rewarding. We can’t say thank you enough to all who attended. We hope that you learned as much from us we had the privilege of learning from you. Thank you for sharing your stories and passion for adoption with us.

For more information about MLJ Adoptions’ international adoption programs, please click here.

Did you miss out on any handouts at CAAC12? They are now up on the conference’s resource page.

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