The President's Adoption Month Proclamation Focuses on Open Hearts


National Adoption Month begins each year with an official a proclamation from the President. This adoption recognition program began with Gerald Ford, who declared National Adoption Week in 1976. Ronald Reagan followed suit in 1984. President Bill Clinton decided to expand the period of celebration to an entire month in 1995.

This year, National Adoption Month is focused on increasing the number of families that are willing to open their hearts to provide permanent homes for children without families, in foster care and abroad.

President Barack Obama’s proclamation for 2011 praises the families and the role of adoption in American life, calling adoption part of “the essential task of providing all children with the comfort and safety of a permanent home.” Obama seeks to bring attention to the diversity inherent in adoption, stating that “the decision to adopt a child has brought profound joy and meaning into the lives of Americans across our country. Parents are moved to adopt for reasons as unique and varied as the children they embrace, but they are unified by the remarkable grace of their acts.”

The President also took the opportunity to highlight some policies his administration enacted to improve the speed of international adoption and extending and expanding the Adoption Tax Credit.

Perhaps the most welcome line in the proclamation is this one: “Adoption has become a part of many Americans’ lives and has contributed to the character of our Nation.” This statement testifies to the prevalence of adoption in our communities and the value it has to our society, further removing adoption from the shadows of secrecy.

President Obama concludes the proclamation with a call to arms: “let us recommit to ensuring every child is given the sustaining love of family, the assurance of a permanent home, and the supportive upbringing they deserve.” Amen.

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