The Process IS the Point

It’s amazing how a line from sermon can become an iconic phrase. In 1997, Pastor Steven Furtick made the statement in the midst of a sermon, “The process is the point.” It’s remarkable how in many areas of life in which we want to by-pass the process to get to the point. While out to eat last week with some friends, this quote came up again. Our conversation starting me thinking about how Pastor Furtick’s quote can relate to the journey of adoption.

The “process” of adoption can certainly be a long, hard, drawn out time in your life. There are times when you want quick answers to questions that may seem simple to you, but it seems that the answers take an eternity to come. It may be the time of waiting for a referral picture where you simply want an image of your new son or daughter. What we, however, need to keep in mind is that the time before your new child comes home is a time that you often have mountains of things to do. Filling out countless forms, a home study, psychological exams, financial aid forms – it can all seem to be an insurmountable hurdle in front of you.

While you may not understand the point of being fingerprinted multiple times, having documents authenticated and notarized, or any other part of the process; simply going through the process can speak volumes to your child. The reasons children need families include an inability to keep the children safe or an inability to provide for their physical and emotional needs. The many steps in the process are all making the point that you can and will care for this child; you will be the stable, loving family that this child needs.

As you go through the “process” take time to learn, prepare, and equip yourself for things that are yet to come in your adoption journey. The “process” of getting to the “point” of when your child finally comes home can be a time of beneficial education. Have you considered learning things about your child’s home country? Have you considered educating yourself concerning the age appropriate needs of adoptive children your child’s age? What about child services in your area? Surround yourself with those who will encourage you along the process and avoid those who keep asking the question, “How much longer?“.

So, the bottom line is “the process is the point.” The point is what you gain through the process. You may be experiencing a time of endless waiting, but be encouraged that there are things you can learn through the “process.” Of course you want your child home, but don’t fall into the temptation to shortcut the process to rush “your point”.

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