Top 6 Reasons Why Home Visits Are Not Scary


Here are the top six reasons why I believe home visits are not scary:

1. The Home Study is Just Another Part of the Process – Those who are going through the adoption process are well aware of the numerous requirements involved in the adoption process. Whether you are adopting domestically or internationally, a home study will be required. Think of the home study as any other part of the adoption process.

2. The Home Study Coordinator Wants to Approve You – Home study coordinators are advocates for improving the lives of children through adoption. The awareness of the multitudes of children who are in great need of loving parents and a safe home resonates with the home study coordinator. Their hope for each home they visit is that it will one day be the home for a child who desperately needed one.

3. The Home Study Coordinators are “Really Nice People”Prospective parents may have visions of the home study coordinator as powerful and intimidating. In truth, most home study coordinators are warm and friendly and want to present you in the most positive light possible.

4. Very Few Prospective Parents are Rejected – Though not everyone is deemed appropriate for the adoption of a child, the overwhelming majority of parents who go through the home study process are approved for the adoption of a child. So remember that the odds are in your favor that you too will one day be an adoptive parent.

5. The Home Study Visit is an Enjoyable Process – The home study is simply a way for your home study coordinator to get to know you and to ensure that your home is safe and meets the designated criteria. Think of the interview as more of a “friendly conversation” than an interrogation.

6. You are One Step Closer to Bringing Your Child Home – This is certainly the most convincing reason of all. When you have completed your home study and been recommended for the adoption of a child, you are making progress toward your ultimate goal of bringing your child home to join their forever family.

I hope these reasons ease your fears! For more information about home studies check out