Top Ten things to Consider when Choosing your Country for International Adoption


The top 10 things you should consider when choosing your country for international adoption:

  1. Does the country allow for international adoption? (If so, proceed to following criteria)
  2. Have there been any international adoptions from the country in the past three years? (you can find this information at
  3. Do any licensed/accredited international adoption agencies provide services for the country?
  4. Do I (and my spouse) meet the requirements to adopt from the country?
  5. Are the adoptable children from the country a good match for our family and our expectations?
  6. Are we prepared mentally and physically for the demands of the international adoption process?
  7. Will we or can we trust our adoption service provider/agency?
  8. What is the stability of the country’s adoption program/process?
  9. Are we prepared for the expenses associated with our adoption services?
  10. Can we accept the risks and unknowns of the international adoption process?

The international adoption process is a wonderful and yet challenging process. It is important that you research the best country for you and your family. Whether you decide to adopt from Latin America or adopt from Africa, you must educate yourself about the process, risks, medical issues, potential unknowns and costs of the international adoption process. It is also important that you trust your agency and follow their instructions. While they may not always know every answer for you, they have experience and want you to have a successful adoption as well.

Good luck as you look into the international adoption process!

Photo Credit: Andrew Wilson

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