United States Department of State to Speak at the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference


Sarah Shaffer, a Citizens Services Specialist, with the United States Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of Children’s Issues, has kindly agreed to speak at the Crossroads of America Adoption Conference (CAAC) on Friday, September 30th from 4:20 – 6:20 pm. We are thankful that Ms. Shaffer will be traveling from Washington, D.C. for the event and that she is so willing to share her knowledge and experience with CAAC attendees.

Ms. Shaffer will introduce the topic of intercountry adoption from the State Department’s perspective and open the floor for questions. Attendees will learn how “Orphan” and “Convention” adoptions differ. “Orphan” refers to the non-Hague adoption process and “Convention” refers to the Hague adoption process, these processes are significantly different. She will walk you through the details of each process.

This is a great opportunity for prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents, adoption professionals and advocates. For those interested in adoption, this session may help you to balance the pros and cons of Hague vs. Non-Hague adoptions in an effort to make a decision about the country that you wish to adopt from, or even if the adoption process is right for your family. For adoptive parents and professionals, this is a unique opportunity to get your questions about the inter-workings of the intercountry adoption process answered.

Ms. Shaffer will address questions that attendees may have about the role of the Department, adoption procedures, or specific countries. Please note that this session is off the record and not for background or attribution.

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