What a Family Means


What it means to have a family is to have people that love you and surround you with love, care, and support. They comfort you when you need it. A mom is someone that kisses your booboos, a dad plays outside with you, brothers and sisters tease you, those are the people are most important in every one’s life.

A family and God is everything we need. Having a family is to have a full life. If we didn’t have a family we would feel lost and alone. You might say you have friends and do not need a family but friendships don’t always last. A family lasts a lifetime.

We may think people in our family aren’t that important and sometimes forget how lucky we are to have them in our life. There are kids in the orphanage that would trade you places any day. They are alone because their family made different choices or had problems that could not be fixed. If you have the time to go to an orphanage and spend time with those kids, it would mean the world to them. Maybe you could give them a family if you felt that is what God wanted you to do.

A family is to have the inside of you bursting with love. So every time you fight with a family member, think of how lucky you are to have them. Because all over the world there are kids wishing they were you.

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