What it Means to Have a Family


What it means to have a family is that you always have somebody by your side when you’re falling down. It means that you are loved every day no matter what. Having a family gives you a chance where you can be taken care of and fed. You need to remember to appreciate what they do for you. You should be happy if you have a family because a lot of kids in the world don’t have one.

You should be grateful for what you have even if sometimes it’s not the best thing you can think of. I know its great to have a family because before I didn’t and I kind of felt abandoned, but here today I am as happy as can be. I love my family because they are always by my side. My family never lets me down and that’s why I am proud of them. It makes me sad when I see kids alone and know they do not feel loved.

If you have a family, be proud of where you are and who you’re with because they will keep u safe and loved!!!

To my mom and dad, thank you for giving me a beautiful home and a beautiful family. I know sometimes I can be out of control and selfish but most of the time, I remember that you taught me it is wrong and I promise for the rest of my life I will try to be better.

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