Why Adopt from Ukraine?


Why to Adopt from Ukraine?

Adoption is always about children, about sharing love, caring for them and providing a forever family for them. Why should you consider adoption from Ukraine? There are several reasons to consider adopting a child in need from Ukraine.

In Ukraine orphaned children usually reside in state orphanages. Foster families started to appear in Ukraine, but sadly at this moment there are not so many families ready to serve as foster parents for orphaned children in need.  So, the greatest population of children in need are in orphanages without a parent’s love and care, without growing up observing the family model that results in a huge difficulty in the ability to build “healthy” relationships in their adult life.

Most recently Ukraine is struggling with economic difficulties as a result of the continuing war on its eastern side, as a result, the country cannot provide proper financing of its orphanages and children living there. There is also a lack of care givers, caused by small salaries that are offered to workers caring for children in state care. Sadly, the reality is that the children do not always have enough quality food, as the state is giving in general 30 UAH (approx. $11) per day for food per child.

For children aging out of the orphanage, there are almost no state support programs for the children after they turn eighteen, providing them with no education, training guidance or support to ensure they succeed as a working adult. Many who age out of the orphanage end up in a prison, being involved in prostitution or victims of human trafficking. A very small percentage of orphaned Ukrainian children have the opportunity to receive an education and to pursue a profession.

 What are the pluses of adoption from Ukraine?

  • The adoption process in the Ukraine program is quite fast. A prospective adoptive family is usually waiting only three months for the interview at the Ministry where they will receive their referral after the dossier has been registered
  • Even though the adoption process in Ukraine is sometimes referred to as a “blind adoption”, in reality an adoptive family has the opportunity to visit the child they were matched with before the final acceptance of the referral
  • Although, as a general rule, Ukraine only allows the adoption of children ages 5 and older, there is a possibility to adopt younger children if the adoptive family is open to a child with additional needs
  • Families who are open to sibling groups may receive a match of sibling groups of all ages
  • Adoptive families have the opportunity of hosting a child from Ukraine. This allows families the experience of having the child in their home.

If you have decided to open your heart and home for a child in need, please consider MLJ Ukraine Program, which is a relatively fast process for an international adoption. If you have any questions about MLJ Ukraine program, please contact Viktoriia Serediuk-Buz via email viktoriia@mljadoptions.com or telephone 317-875-0058.

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