X Factor Hopeful David Correy Wishes to Re-unite with Birthmother


It is very typical for children who were adopted to wonder about their birthparents, especially if they were adopted at a young age. Children are curious by nature, and adoptive children grow up to wonder about questions such as:

– Where did I come from?

– Why was I adopted?

– Do I have any other siblings?

Such is the case for a young man recently showcased on the X Factor. Adoption displays its face in the most unexpected places, and I have come to learn it is more common than most people would think. Being the lover of music that I am, I came across his unique adoption story last Wednesday while watching people compete for a chance to win a $5 million recording contract.

David Correy briefly shared his adoption story on national television when he auditioned for the X Factor. Desperate to make his music dreams come true, David along with his friends drove through multiple thunderstorms and over 13 hours to reach the auditions in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Born in Brazil to a poverty-stricken young woman, his 14 year old mother chose adoption for him when he was just an infant. Correy was then adopted and raised by a family from Annapolis, Maryland and is now pursuing music full-time. While he may know where he came from and understand why his mother chose adoption for him, it doesn’t mean he has all the answers he is looking for. As in many families, musical talent is commonly passed down generation to generation, and this has led Correy to wonder if he got his singing voice from his mother. While on stage before his performance he explained how passionate he is about his music, and he hopes that one day it will be his voice that re-connects him with his birthmother.

He wrote on Twitter: @davidcorrey “ Singin’ my heart out everyday until my birthmother hears my voice & we re-unite.”

Song writer, record producer, and X-Factor judge L.A. Reid expressed how touched he was by Correy and his story. Correy captured the hearts of the entire audience when sang his own rendition of “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. He received a yes from all four judges on the panel, and was so thrilled to be one step closer to his dream; he was clearly overwhelmed with happiness and shed tears of joy.

I wish David Correy the best of luck on his journey!



Video Credit: TheXFactorUSA

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