Adoption Fun

We know the adoption process can sometimes be long, so we want you to have some fun while you are waiting! You can download CARL, our mascot, and take pictures with him. You can download adoption Facebook covers,  print country bunting to show your country support, and you can even do an MLJ Adoptions word game.


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Your Very Own C.A.R.L

Download Your Own Carl

Take fun photos with him and share the photos with MLJ Adoptions!

    • Pose CARL with signs, in front of landmarks, or with culturally unique food or other items while traveling
    • Pose CARL delivering adoption paperwork to the post office, waiting in an airport, at a fundraiser, or participating in other parts of the adoption process
    • Take CARL with you site seeing
    • Once your child comes home, take a family photo with CARL


Download Your Own CARL

Facebook Cover Photos

Adopt Globally, Love Locally Facebook Cover Photo  


Adopt Honduras Facebook Cover Photo   

Flag Bunting Printables

                      Bulgarian Flag Bunting                                                    Congo Flag Bunting                                                        Haiti Flag Bunting



                      Honduras Flag Bunting                                               Mexico Flag Pennants                                                     Nicaragua Flag Bunting  

      Mexico Bunting                     


                       Samoa Flag Bunting                                                        Ukraine Flag Bunting                                                       U.S.A. Flag Bunting


Word Games















Adoption Word Search

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