Support Vulnerable Children and Adoption

Nightlight Christian Adoptions believes that every child deserves a loving, permanent family. Millions of children around the world need a family to call their own, and international adoption helps meet this critical need. International adoption is not a reality for every vulnerable child, and when possible, Nightlight Christian Adoptions comes alongside humanitarian efforts in the countries where we serve.
To make a donation to any of these worthy causes, click on the pictures below.


In Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ukraine, Nightlight Christian Adoptions works with governmental entities and local non-profits to provide material and financial support in favor of children in difficult situations. Donations directed towards the following causes enable our local partners to carry-out projects and advocate for orphaned and vulnerable children.



Since 1959, 8000 children have joined their forever families! Behind each of these adoptive families are stories of sacrifice and bravery. Coming alongside families financially creates the opportunity to be part of caring for an orphaned child. Donors have the option of designating their gift to the adoption of a child with special needs, a specific family’s adoption journey or general adoption expenses.


All donations can be made in three ways: credit card, check and direct debit from your bank account. Specific questions regarding donations should be directed toward Julie Conner. Donations by credit card can be made online. Checks can be sent to Nightlight Christian Adoptions (6323 S. East Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46227). An ACH Form can be found by clicking on the “Direct Debit” icon; the form can be submitted to Julie Conner either electronically or through the mail.

The IRS requires that a 501(c)(3) organization make an independent evaluation of grants to individuals. The Nightlight Christian Adoptions Board of Directors will award grants to adopting families based on adoption status, actual adoption expenses and donor designations. The total grant to an adopting family could be more or less than the designated gifts. The IRS prevents fees for services from being tax deductible; therefore, an Nightlight Christian  Adoptions family may not donate toward their own adoption.