Chrissy, Roy & Brenda




Born: November 2005
Gender: Female
Location: Eastern Europe
Chrissy is nice twelve year old girl who is described as a leader.  She is in the 8th grade and receives specialized education and support. Her favorite subject in school is math and she enjoys problem solving. She communicates with ease, asking and responding appropriately to questions. Chrissy has very well developed motor skills.  When she grows up she wants to be a manicurist because she enjoys doing her nails.


Born: November 2009
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Roy is a cheerful eight year old. He enjoys playing with his friends, riding a tricycle, and playing with balloons and balls. He can match shapes and colors and is currently learning to read and write. When he grows up he wants to drive cars or a fire truck.  Despite the hardships that he and his siblings have had to overcome they have developed trusting relationships with the caregivers where they live.


 Born: April 2008
Gender: Female
Location: Eastern Europe
Brenda is a quiet fourteen year old girl. She is able to read and write. Brenda enjoys taking walks with her best friends.  Brenda shared that when she grows up she wants to be a teacher. During the two years that she and her siblings have been at the children’s home they have made progress with acquiring many new skills.


In addition to being considered for a MLJ Adoptions Special Needs grant, families interested in adopting Chrissy, Troy, and Brenda may also be eligible to receive a reduction in program country fees.
If you’re not a MLJ Adoptions family and would like more information, please contact If you’re currently an MLJ Adoptions family and would like more information, please contact your Program Director. MLJ Adoptions is happy to share information with families about children on the Waiting Child Photolisting, but until a family has a completed home study, we are not able to make efforts towards placing a child’s file on hold.