Tony, Eleanor & Shannon




(Pictured center in photo)

Born: September 2003
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Tony is a happy and outgoing fourteen year old boy. He is eager to participate in traditions and games with others, even though he is sensitive and sometimes his feels are hurt easily. He loves animals and looks for them when he goes on walks around the neighborhood. He is good at helping with household chores when asked. Tony and his sisters, Eleanor and Shannon will be adopted together.


(Pictured right in photo)

 Born: March 2001
Gender: Female
Location: Eastern Europe
Eleanor is an imaginative and extroverted seventeen year old. She enjoys sports, especially soccer. She gladly participates in other activities, such as making cards and bracelets. She is eager to receive the attention and approvals of adults. This serves her well, because she tries hard at school to earn praise from others. Eleanor, her brother Tony and sister, Shannon, will be adopted together.


(Pictured cleft in photo)

 Born: September 2002
Gender: Female
Location: Eastern Europe
Shannon is a calm and playful fifteen year old girl. She is careful and precise in her school work and has great handwriting. She does well in school! She enjoys participating in group activities and listens to the rules. While she is a quiet and calm child, if someone is mean to her, she will stick up for herself. She expresses her emotions appropriately. Shannon, her brother Tony and sister, Eleanor, will be adopted together.
In addition to being considered for a MLJ Adoptions Special Needs grant, families interested in adopting Tony, Eleanor and Shannon may also be eligible to receive a reduction in program country fees.
If you’re not a MLJ Adoptions family and would like more information, please contact Caitlin at If you’re currently an MLJ Adoptions family and would like more information, please contact your Program Director. MLJ Adoptions is happy to share information with families about children on the Waiting Child Photolisting, but until a family has a completed home study, we are not able to make efforts towards placing a child’s file on hold.