Ayden, Xavier, and Vanessa



Eastern Europe
Age: 12
(Pictured on right)
Born: August 2006
Gender:  Male
Location:Eastern Europe
Ayden is a 12 year old boy who likes to play in group games. Ayden loves to play sports and enjoys taking folklore dance classes. Ayden is very close with his brother and sister and loves playing with them. 
(Pictured on the left)
Born: October 2008
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Xavier is a very curious boy who loves to communicate and play with both chidren and adults. Xavier enjoys spending time with his siblings. 
(Pictured in middle)
Born: October 2009
Gender: Female
Location: Eastern Europe
Vanessa is a 9 year old girl who likes to play with other children and play games by herself. Vanessa is in the third grade and is very outgoing. Vanessa likes fantasizing and to draw pictures and describe the pictures she as drawn.


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