Dawn, Scotty, Gatsby


Eastern Europe
Age: 13
Born: December 2005
Gender: Female
Location: Eastern Europe
Dawn is a 13 year old girl who loves games and is very artistic. Dawn enjoys drawing and telling about fantasy characters she has seen and likes various toys, especially dolls, and other girly games. Dawn likes both independent and group games. 
Born: June 2008
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Scotty is an active boy who enjoys drawing and playing games. Scotty likes to play games with both peers and independently and is a student in the 4th grade. Scotty enjoys fast and racing games. 
Born: August 2010
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Gatsby is a 8 year old boy who is very artistic and expresses ideas related to TV characters. Gatsby likes various toys and loves cars and toys that make noise. Gatsby likes both group and independent games and likes to watch cartoons. Gatsby is in the first grade.