Birthdate: January 2008
Gender: Female
Location: Latin America (But currently living in the United States)

Jessica is a determined and strong-spirited nine-year-old girl.  Jessica’s situation is unique in that she is already living in the United States. Jessica was adopted by an American family in 2014, but since coming to the United States, she has significantly struggled with attachment and negative and sometimes aggressive behaviors. The early years of Jessica’s life are full of trauma. She experienced countless placements because she was frequently moved between family members and orphanages. She has received residential services since coming to the US. Based on what she has shared with her adoptive family, she was exploited and abused from an early age. Jessica is a survivor, but her survival instincts have left her guarded, independent and she has difficulty receiving love and affection from others.

Jessica is starting to be able to identify her feelings. Her current teacher reports that she enjoys helping other students and they have found this a good way to help her avoid frustration and anger.  She likes horses and taking care of them.  She is a deep thinker and has a creative side. She likes to read books, ride her bike, and play outside.  She is also physically healthy.

It is believed that she will do best in a very structured environment where she knows what is expected of her. She has attended school since coming to the United States; she is a quick learner and eager to learn new things. She has benefited from having an Individual Education Plan to address her special behavioral needs. Jessica is a leader, and adapts well to new environments. She will benefit from an experienced family who is willing to parent using trauma focused parenting skills and who will be both willing and able to assure she receives supportive services and on-going therapy.

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