Jonah, Katie, Akon & Bryan



(Pictured left in photo)

Born: January 2005
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Akon is a communicative and X twelve year old boy. He is social with both his peers and with adults. Akon has high self-esteem and maintains a positive outlook on life, despite the hardships that he and his siblings have had to overcome. He is committed to being successful at school. Like his siblings, Akon is able to attend counseling; he has a positive attitude towards adoption.


(Second from the left in photo)

Born: October 2006
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Bryan is a cheerful eleven year old. Whatever Bryan tries, he is committed to, including playing ball, succeeding at school and developing relationships. Bryan has a positive view of being adopted, and is currently attending counseling so that he process through his past experiences and be ready to be part of a family.


(Pictured second from the left in photo)

 Born: April 2008
Gender: Female
Location: Eastern Europe
Katie is an energetic and active nine year old girl. She is a great communicator with both children and adults. Katie is friendly and makes new friends easily. She attends school where she has been successful. Katie and her brothers currently live in a foster family.


(Pictured right in photo)

Born: August 2010
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Jonah is a playful and social seven year old boy. He gets along well with other children, especially when he’s playing games. He enjoys playing times, both individually and with a group. Jonah’s development is age-appropriate, and he attends school at grade level. He is currently in counseling to work through feelings of abandonment and to prepare him to be adopted.
In addition to being considered for a MLJ Adoptions Special Needs grant, families interested in adopting Jonah, Katie, Akon and Bryan may also be eligible to receive a reduction in program country fees.
If you’re not a MLJ Adoptions family and would like more information, please contact If you’re currently an MLJ Adoptions family and would like more information, please contact your Program Director. MLJ Adoptions is happy to share information with families about children on the Waiting Child Photolisting, but until a family has a completed home study, we are not able to make efforts towards placing a child’s file on hold.