Why Adopt from Honduras?

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Due to slow processing times, we are currently not accepting applications for our Honduras program. Should you be interested in being notified when we re-open this program, please contact us.

Families who choose to adopt from Honduras do so because of their desire to meet a critical need for vulnerable children, and often because of a connection to the Latin American country.Instability in the country and lack of resources prevent children who have been orphaned from receiving the care they need and deserve. 

Honduras has captured the hearts of many people that have done mission work within the country; spending time with the children of Honduras often leads to a desire to help in a deeper way. Poverty within the country has left many families little choice but to abandon or place their children in orphanages or on the street, and the orphan population within the country is at an all-time high. The adoption process in Honduras is long and often difficult, but worth the fight for those children in need of a family.

Children in Need of Families

  • Age: infancy to pre-teens.
  • There may be an expedited adoption process for children five years or older.
  • Children reside in orphanages.
  • Families who adopt from Honduras should expect that the child they are matched with will have experienced malnutrition at some point in his or her life. Children may also have additional known medical needs depending on what the family is open to.
  • Children may be placed for adoption due to economic hardship, lack of acceptance of unwed mothers and medical reasons where parents lack the financial resources to meet the needs of their biological children.

380393_10150427554319420_721435265_nAdoptive Parents

  • Couples, married at least three years, and single women may adopt from Honduras.
  • The adopting parent(s) must be between 25 and 51, couples must have been married at least three years when submitting their dossier.

Adoption Timeline

  • Home study and dossier preparation: approximately six months.
  • Approximate wait time: 24-36 months after the family’s dossier arrives in Honduras.
  • Completion of Adoption: 6-9 months.
  • Travel: three to four trips to Honduras are required, of approximately one week each.
  • Honduras is not a Hague Convention Country.

Learn more about Honduras at the CIA World Factbook.

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