Adoption Services

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In addition to our international adoption programs, MLJ Adoptions provides a full range of additional adoption services.

Affording Adoption

Adoption is expensive, but MLJ Adoptions believes that finances should never stop a child from having a loving, permanent family. We maintain an extensive Financial Resources Guide and conduct Affording Adoption Seminars to help families gather the resources they need to pursue their adoption dreams.

Canadian Residents

MLJ Adoptions has assisted many Canadian families in adopting children from our international adoption program countries. We are happy to explore adoption options with Canadian residents, as adoption laws and requirements vary from province to province.


MLJ Adoptions is here to educate, guide, and support families who are developing the knowledge and skills needed to successfully parent an adopted child.

Primary Provider

MLJ Adoptions may be able to act as a primary provider for families seeking to adopt from a country where no U.S. adoption service provider has a current country program

Home Study

MLJ Adoptions can provide home study services for domestic adoption, stepparent, grandparent or relative adoption, embryo adoption for Indiana residents. MLJ Adoptions can also prepare Hague-compliant home studies for Indiana residents interested in pursuing international adoption through another placing agency.

Post Adoption Reports

MLJ Adoptions can complete post adoption reports for international, domestic, relative, stepparent, grandparent and embryo adoptions for Indiana residents.

Support Services

MLJ Adoptions is committed to supporting families before, during and after adoption. We offer adoption support groups, individual support sessions, community building events and an extensive resource list.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these services, please contact us.