Special Needs Adoption


Special Needs Adoption

Every Child Deserves a Family

Nightlight Christian Adoptions believes that every child deserves a loving and permanent family, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, number of siblings or health status. Our Special Needs Adoption Program connects harder to place children with loving adoptive families willing and able to meet the needs of these children in need of families.

Families must meet the eligibility requirements for the specific country where the child resides. The process of adopting children with special needs may be expedited. For each country there are different timelines. Please refer to the specific country information for an estimate regarding time frames.

Our Waiting Child Photolisting allows families to see photos and basic information on children who are currently in need of families in our country programs. It is updated as our in-country staff shares information with us.

Children in Need of Families on the Waiting Child Photolisting

    • Children may be of all ages, but primarily over the age of eight years old.
    • Children often have significant known medical needs.
    • Children may be part of sibling groups, sometimes as large as four children.
    • In many cases, waiting children haven’t been able to matched with families currently in the country program and waiting on a referral.
    • Each country may define special needs in different ways, so if you are hoping to adopt a specific country, contact us to learn more about what common medical needs children may experience.

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Adoptive families are compassionate and courageous. It is our privilege to come alongside many families, including those you can meet below, who have added to their families through international adoption. As many of these families share, with the right preparation, education and support, adopting an older child, a large sibling group or a child with additional needs is possible for anyone!