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Why Adopt from Honduras?

Honduras has captured the hearts of many people that have done mission work within the country. Spending time with the beautiful children of Honduras often leads to a desire to help in a deeper way. Poverty within the country has left many families little choice but to abandon or place their children at orphanages or on the street. The orphan population within the country is at an all time high. The adoption process in Honduras is long and often difficult, but worth the fight for those precious children in need of a family.

Who Are the Children in Need of families?

  • Honduran children range from infancy to pre-teens.
  • There is an expedited adoption process for children five years or older.
  • Both boys and girls, with no preference given to either sex.
  • Children are generally healthy and receive proper nutrition and medical care while in the Honduran foster care system.
  • Children are of either Caucasian or Hispanic ancestry.

Who Can Adopt from Honduras?

  • Married couples and single women may adopt from Honduras.
  • The adopting parent(s) must be between 25 and 51, couples must have been married at least three years when submitting their dossier.
  • Only one child may be adopted at a time. An exception may be made for siblings. 
  • Additional stipulations may be determined by your government to apply for an orphan visa if you live outside of the United States.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Adoption Process?

The adoption process in Honduras does not officially start until the family’s dossier arrives in Honduras. After submission of the dossier, the time frame to receive a prospective match is approximately 24-36 months, depending upon the age and gender of the child the family has indicated. Prospective matches are made based on the date of dossier submission and balanced by several variables; characteristics of child the family has indicated (age, gender, health status) and the children in need of families at any given time. The typical time frame to complete an adoption from Honduras is approximately 30-45 months after the dossier is received in the country.

Please note that time frames may vary on a case-by-case basis and are subject to change.

What Travel is Required?

Three to four trips are required of approximately one week each.

Why Choose MLJ Adoptions to Adopt from Honduras?

MLJ Adoptions is a Non-Profit, Hague-Accredited Adoption Service Provider with programs in multiple countries including Honduras. We have worked in Honduras since our inception in 2008.

Our team is diverse group of professionals committed to supporting families before, during and after adoption. Our MLJ Adoptions’ foreign and domestic teams are composed of a diverse group of professionals who are committed to supporting families before, during and after adoption. Families wishing to adopt from Honduras will primarily work with Lydia Tarr, MLJ Adoptions’  Program Director. Not only are our families working with an ardent adoption advocate, but also an adoptive mother. Lydia is a mother of seven children, four of whom were adopted from Eastern Europe. Furthermore, MLJ Adoptions retains full-time licensed attorneys domestically who are well-versed in the international adoption process with understanding of Honduran law, as well as the U.S. federal laws and regulations related to international adoption and orphan visas. We work with a licensed Honduran attorney specializing in Honduran adoptions.

To learn more about Honduras please request information.

Country information is to be considered general information and subject to change. The information is based upon state, federal, foreign, and international law, as well as our own business policies.