Miro & Zeke


miro and zeke collage


(Pictured in far right photo)

Born: May 2002
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Miro is a shy fourteen year old. Even though he is quiet when you first meet him, Miro has a great sense of humor and enjoys making jokes. His favorite subject at school is gym; he is also learning English and has a small vocabulary. He enjoys drawing and riding his bike. Miro and his brother, Zeke have a great relationships and enjoy spending time together. Both boys will be adopted together.


(Pictured in far left photo)

 Born: April 2001
Gender: Male
Location: Eastern Europe
Zeke is a quiet and obedient sixteen year old boy. He has good manners and despite his shy personality, he is able to build relationships well with other children in the children’s home. Zeke enjoys drawing and riding his bike. Both Zeke and Miro desire loving parents and a real family; they will be adopted together.
In addition to being considered for a MLJ Adoptions Special Needs grant, families interested in adopting Miro and Zeke may also be eligible to receive a reduction in program country fees.
If you’re not a MLJ Adoptions family and would like more information, please contact Caitlin at info@mljadoptions.com. If you’re currently an MLJ Adoptions family and would like more information, please contact your Program Director. MLJ Adoptions is happy to share information with families about children on the Waiting Child Photolisting, but until a family has a completed home study, we are not able to make efforts towards placing a child’s file on hold.