ADOPTION GRANTS – for Almost Everyone


Camie Schuiteman, Family Resources Specialist for MLJ Adoptions, International

Adoption funding is quite often the main hinderance which prevents families from committing to adoption. I understand that dilemma on a deep, personal level because we are an adoptive family. We could never have navigated our three adoptions without the assistance and sacrifice of others. Helping others navigate the world of adoption funding is my way of giving back to the numerous people who helped us.

Available to all MLJ clients is a sixteen-page Adoption Financial Guide containing information pertaining to international, domestic, and embryo adoption. Although adoption in not an easy journey, definitely not for the faint-of-heart, NOW is a good time to adopt considering the current availability of grants. Many grants are available for adoptive families, and that is a helpful thing! Foundations have lists of requirements or criteria which determine who may apply. There are many faith-based foundations; however, many are not. Frequently I am asked which foundations have fewer requirements. This is for a variety of reasons – the most being from families who have moved multiple times, have no church affiliation, or whose church leaders are not inclined to provide the necessary letters of reference. Not to worry, there is help available for you.

MLJ clients have provision to financial assistance. At your disposal, is a current list of 16 foundations which are available to almost all adoptive families. Knowing which ones to choose first and how to effectively share your story are questions to be answered in future blogs.

For further information regarding domestic, international, or embryo adoption funding, contact

Camie serves as MLJ Adoption's Financial Resources Coordinator. She successfully raised over $50,000 for the adoption of her two daughters from Vietnam. Camie is a pastor’s wife, busy mother of five, educator, and advocate for the fatherless.