Why Parent Child Play Is Important For Children?

Play is one of the most important needs your child has.  As adults, we may have forgotten all the benefits and enjoyment we received from play during our much younger years.  An important part of play for young children is play with parents.  Children who have spent a significant amount of their early development in ...

Get to Know MLJ’s Social Services Assistant

My name is Natalie Zickmund and I joined MLJ Adoptions International in August of 2018 as an intern from IUPUI. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in social work in May of 2019, I joined MLJ as the Social Services Assistant. As the Social Services Assistant, I work with families on their preadoption education, tracking ...


For those of you who are engaged in international adoption, you are most likely gearing up to travel to your adoptive child’s homeland. Most likely, you have not been there before or perhaps you have never even traveled internationally, but I assure you an adventure awaits! To experience a new culture, customs, environment, language, foods, ...

ADOPTION GRANTS – for Almost Everyone

Camie Schuiteman, Family Resources Specialist for MLJ Adoptions, International Adoption funding is quite often the main hinderance which prevents families from committing to adoption. I understand that dilemma on a deep, personal level because we are an adoptive family. We could never have navigated our three adoptions without the assistance and sacrifice of others. Helping ...

Indiana RAPT Conference 2019

Every year Indiana’s Department of Child Services hosts a conference for adoptive and foster parents. This conference is known as the RAPT Conference which stands for Resource and Adoptive Parent Training.  It is rich in education and information for families who are involved in foster care, domestic adoption, as well as international adoption.  I was ...

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption month, a time set aside each year to celebrate the uniqueness of families who have been formed through adoption.  Each adoptive parent and adoptee has their own special story regarding how their lives have been transformed through adoption.   Although November is a month set aside as a time to celebrate and ...

MLJ is Celebrating 10 years!

This year MLJ Adoptions is celebrating our 10-year anniversary! MLJ Adoptions International was initially founded in 2009 by Michele L. Jackson, Attorney at Law and an international adoption advocate.  When founded the agency was known at the time as “MLJ Adoptions Inc.” Licensed in the state of Indiana in 2009 MLJ soon received our first ...

Pets to Help with Trauma

When you adopt a child internationally, the child comes from a place of loss and will likely join your family with underlying trauma. Your adopted child is in a new environment and country, learning a new language, tasting new foods, adjusting to new customs and a new family.  All these changes and adjustments can cause ...

Reassuring Your Adopted Child

Adoption professionals have reported that adopted children commonly experience fear of being abandoned and insecurity. Especially as an older child being adopted, they have a fear of abandonment and that they may not be with their family for very long. MLJ has resources to assist you and your adopted child with this adjustment. When adopting ...
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