Get Exposed at Indy’s International Festival


Gain some exposure! No not that type of exposure. This weekend- November 18, 19 and 20 – is the 35th annual International Festival located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The event boasts over 50 ethnic groups, volunteers in native dress, over 50 cultural exhibits and 20 local ethnic food venders. The event also includes entertainment for every hour of the festival and a marketplace for those interested in purchasing homemade and country specific goods. Included in the festival is a Naturalization Ceremony for 175 new American citizens. How interesting to see our newest citizens and be the first to congratulate them!

Listed below are some of the people that may enjoy this festival and the reasons why.

  • Families thinking about adoption could certainly see and experience a wide variety of cultures to guide then in their adoption decision
  • Families with young children can begin to explore the child’s birth culture as well as other cultures that may be similar
  • Families with older children will be able to most likely see folks that look exactly like them. Yay! A little self esteem boost
  • Social workers can visit the exhibit and see firsthand native dress and food for those countries their clients will be adopting from
  • Families with children adopted internationally can pickup ideas for food, life books and activities to do at home
  • Students can have the opportunity to explore the entire festival completing tasks and activities utilizing special passports provided by Eli Lilly
  • Families with cross cultural exposure may be able to view their children or other children with a different lens – a lens that views the whole world and not just their specific community
  • Families can get a trip around the world without that jet lag!

Whatever your reason for attending, visit the International Festival this weekend and get exposed!

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